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LAN Party

LAN Party Code Name: XCP

Happy birthday, XPC! As always, we'll be celebrating our favorite computer viruses with birthday cake and gaming. XPC, Extended Copyright Protection, is the official umbrella name of the Sony Rootkit. Discovered by third party malware monitoring sites on October 31st, we'll be celebrating the birthday of this ambitious bit of code in style.


Jack-O-Lantern: Geek Style
The first jack-o-lantern was carved by a guy named Jack, who chased the Devil up a tree and kept him at bay with the power of his mighty turnip / beacon of light. In commemoration of this mighty achievement, please bring a jack-o-lantern to the LAN party. It should be geek-themed (anything from Star Wars to Networking) and will be adjudicated by popular choice. Extra points will not be awarded to pumpkins that become evil robots and crush the surrounding area.

This competition doesn't require a computer.

Wheel of Doom
It has been many harvests, but the wheel is back! Its many crippling and humorous handicaps will be put on display and randomly assigned to you the player in a little game we call "Audiosurf". Spin the game, apply the handicap, and survive the three minute level.

This competition doesn't require you to have a computer, but a computer will be used.

Geek Gauntlet
Have you ever stayed awake at night wondering why your heart beats with savage glory and your mind races to respond to the clarion call of some unknown trial beckoning you from some distant land? This is that competition. Bring your mind and your wit and prepare for the gauntlet. Will you survive1? Will you succumb to the rigours of some diabolical competition2? The Geek Gauntlet waits for you!

This competition doesn't require you to have a computer.

Hoard Brackets
What breaths fire, comes in four colours, and collects dizzying amounts of wealth to the envy all others? The answer is not your game pieces in Life, but rather the dragons you play in the seminal game, Hoard. Whether you are being attacked by a wizard tower or being visited by a thief from one of the local, non-subdued townships, there is never a dull moment in your pursuit to becoming the greatest dragon ever!!

This competition requires a computer, the Steam version of Hoard, plus the expansion pack. If you don't have any of those: never worry! Because it is bracketed, we can share computers for this one.

This is a blanket prize competition! Please bring a prize worth between five and ten dollars.

Classic Game Competition
In our modern gaming age filled with hot coffee mods and one trick ponies masquerading as both AAA titles and Ubisoft productions, it can be difficult to remember the good times one had with older games like Baldies or Jill of the Jungle. Go back too far, and a GRUE will get you. Journey to near the future, and you're stuck playing the same thing over and over on a Microsoft server. But go back just far enough, and you have...Unreal Tournament: GOTY. We'll be installing this fine FPS from GOG and deathmatching it as the Epic Games intended. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it won't laugh when your character explodes from being insta-gibbed.

This competition requires a computer and the GOG.com copy of Unreal Tournament: GOTY edition.

What Else?

  • Friday night will be dedicated to getting our groove. This includes playing whatever, fixing whatever, and getting everyone ready for the competitions.

  • There will definitely be a PS4 set up and ready to go.

  • There will be a projector running movies nearly the whole weekend. Breaks will be for the Geek Gauntlet and Audio Surf competition.

  • There will be oodles3 of data to peruse, from Anime to Zydeco music.

  • Bring headphones.

  • We'll have food and snacks ready to go; no one shall go hungry. Of course, feel free to bring your favorites to share or to hoard and as always, Fallon is chock full of interesting places to scavenge for nutrients.


We hope to see everyone there and Happy Halloween5!

1 According to our legal department, yes. But, you know - drama and all that.

2 The likelihood is no, but it is jolly fun!

3 An "oodle" is the official metric of choice for SCIenceTM 4!

4 SCIenceTM is too busy appearing in political ads or bad Hollywood movies to take your call right now.

5 The modern day of frivolity, not the sacrificial, harvesty one. DO NOT invite any random Celtic harvest gods to come with you. We've seen Supernatural, at least to season eight, and it never ends well.

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Hollow Mountain LAN Partys are usually held in the Reno / Fallon area. We setup about four small LAN events a year. Our group plays all manner of PC games. We enjoy variety in our games and our events frequently embody that attitude.

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