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LAN Party

LAN Party Code Name: Enter Blue Elf!

Greetings Gamers, Geeks, and Gallant Gals and Gents!

You are all invited to LAN Party: Enter Blue Elf!
Date: December 12th, 13th, and 14th
Venue: The House of Misty and Arlo

There will be:
- Competitions (White Elephant / Blanket Prize, FPS, and a full-fledged Geek Gauntlet!)
- Retro Gaming!
- Movies!
- Vendetta Gaming!
- Network Cables!
- Tables!
- Media Collections to Pilfer!

More details will follow.
Please RSVP or, in modern parlance, STD (Save The Date). (I'm not convinced that STD will ever replace the more elegant French phrase...)

Let us know:
Who is coming How many computers you are bringing and Any requests

We'll have a list of games and any other required supplies in the next communique.

About the Hollowmountain

Hollow Mountain LAN Partys are usually held in the Reno / Fallon area. We setup about four small LAN events a year. Our group plays all manner of PC games. We enjoy variety in our games and our events frequently embody that attitude.

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